Teasel Meadow Farms

Pasture Raised Registered Berkshire Pigs

Pigs For Sale

 All Berkshires are registered so papers are available for breeding stock.

Crosses are a mixture of heritage breeds, most are out of a mulefoot croos boar, the meat quality is excellent.

Berkshire Feeder Pigs          7 to 8 weeks old approx 40- 50 pounds               $125

Cross Feeder Pigs                                                                                       $100

Breeding stock                         Boars or Gilts 7 to 8 weeks old 

                                                    papers included                                         $250-350

Boars or Gilts 6 to 8 months old                                                                  $350- $750

Butcher Pigs    (Approx. 190 to 210 lbs Hanging Weight)                                  $2.00 /lb Hanging Weight

Roaster Pigs (under 150 Hanging Weight)                                                        $2.00/lb Hanging weight  + $50.00

Butchering costs paid by purchaser, I have a custom butcher that I use in auburn. Delivery to them is included in the price. 

I will deliver to your own butcher, there will be an additional charge beyond 20 miles.