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Pasture Raised Registered Berkshire Pigs

Kurobuta Pork:

Discriminating consumers have recognized the special qualities of Berkshire pork for many years. Today, thanks to the efforts of industrious Berkshire breeders in the United States, the tenderness, juiciness, texture and overall flavor of pork from these special "black pigs" - or kurobuta - is available to diners anywhere around the world.
For over 300 years, Berkshire Pigs have been recognized for their amazing meat quality.  Known as “Kurobuta” in Japan, the superior taste of Berkshire pork is as prized as Kobe beef. Like its beef counterpart, Berkshire pork boasts beautiful marbling and superb, moist texture.  However, in America over the last 20 years, consumers have become more concerned about fat intake, and the pork industry responded by breeding pigs to be leaner.  Compared to pigs from the 1950’s, today’s pigs contain 75% less fat, resulting in a dry and bland tasting product.  Lately, there has been an increasing demand for a more flavorful pork product, and therefore the re-emergence of the Berkshire breed. 

We have a constant selection of berkshire pigs as feeder pigs, breeding stock as well as for your freezer